Artistic Chronicle

Individual and collective exhibitions:
1953Individual exhibition at BWA, Wrocław.
1955Exhibition of Young Art “Against the War – Against Fascism” in the “Arsenal”, Warsaw.
1956Golkowska creates: pictures, drawings, collages (“Portrait of a progenitor (ancestor)”, “King UBU”, “Hangman from Wiśnica”, “Remnants of a magnate fortune”).
1957Beginning of creating spatial compositions made of colored cubes.


“Search for Form and Color” exhibition of artistic group co-created by Gołkowska together with Jan Chwałczyk, Mieczysław Zdanowicz and Jerzy Boroń, CBWA Wrocław.
1959Individual exhibition, ZPAP Salon, Zielona Góra.
1960Realization of paintings – relief plaques, fascination with matter, texture, traces of notations (“Raninga”, “Plaque with Sanskrit”, “Double Portrait”).
1959-1966Participation in the “Arts of the Odra-land” exhibition.
1961“The Function of Form and Color” – the second exhibition of the “Search for Form and Color” group.


Realization of paintings – tables with geometrized structures (“DŁ table”, “Variable table”, “Table with an arrow”, “Table – dark fact”, “Table – bright fact”).
1962-1975Participation in the exhibitions of the “Wroclaw School” and then the “Wrocław Group”.
1963-1971Participation in the “Złote Grono” (“Golden Group”) exhibitions – Zielona Góra.
1964-1981Participation in the Koszalin Open-air Park in Osieki.
19651st International Biennale of Spatial Forms, Elbląg (implementation of spatial form in urban architecture).
“Confrontations” – EL Gallery, Elbląg.
1966Symposium of visual artists and scientists “Art in a changing world” – Puławy, Lublin (“Plaque from Puławy” – relief made of metal and plastic).
Individual exhibition, Galeria “Odnowa”, Poznań.
Individual exhibition at BWA, Wrocław.
Festival of Contemporary Painting – Szczecin (distinction).
1967Exhibition of the “Wrocław Group”, Lambert Gallery, Paris, France.
Exhibition of four authors (Chwałczyk, Gołkowska, Hałas, Mazurkiewicz) – Galeria Współczesna, Warsaw.
“11 Polish painters”, exhibition in Czechoslovakia.
“Art Exhibition”, Museum of Actual Art, Wrocław.
1968Individual exhibition “Open Systems”, Mona Lisa Gallery, Wrocław (the exhibition included three-dimensional mobile forms, with the introduction of sound, “Sixteen cubes”, “Variable system”, “Bujak”). The exhibition was accompanied by the text “Open systems” published in “Odra” No. 1, 1968.
1970Symposium “Wrocław 70”, Museum of Architecture, Wrocław.
Gołkowska creates conceptual works: “Kinestezjon”, cycle “Notations”, “Action of Uninteresting Multiplication of Material Works of Art”.
Exhibition “Sztuka Pojęciowa” (“SP”) – Mona Lisa Gallery, Wrocław.
Individual Exhibition, BWA, Lublin.
Individual Exhibition, BWA, Koszalin.
1971Individual Exhibition, BWA, Zielona Góra.
Open-air: “Science and Art in the Protection of the Natural Environment of a Man”, Opolno, Zgorzelec.
1971-1972Gołkowska creates: “Black Table With Text Inscription” (text from 1968), “Dezaprobator I”, containing the text on “Overproduction of Works of Art”, “Triple Dezaprobator” (containing a 20-meter drawing with text), beginning of “Earth Collection”, “Art Collection”, “Stages of Threat”, “Hourglass of Art”, “Art Monument”.
1972Participation in the “Atelier 72” exhibition, Richard Demarco Gallery, Edinburgh.
1973Beginning of the series of paintings “Catalog Collection”.
Participation in exhibitions: Copenhagen (Denmark), Buenos Aires (Argentina), Brašov (Romania), Omaha (USA), Aalst (Belgium).
1974“Actual Art”, Konstmusset, Ystad (Sweden).
1975-1976Participation in exhibitions in Sunderland (United Kingdom) and Zagreb (Yugoslavia).
1977Individual exhibition, Awangarda Gallery, Wrocław.
1978Participation in the action – exhibition – symposium “The Space of the City” – Chełm (project of the spatial form for the city of Chełm).
1980“Vanguard of Wrocław 1965-1975”, Salon Sztuki Najnowszej, Wrocław.
“Document of Art”, Photo Gallery – Medium – Art, Wrocław.
“Space in space”, Gallery X, Wroclaw.
Individual exhibition BWA, Opole.
Individual exhibition, Gallery 72, Chełm.
Participation in exhibitions in Seville and Barcelona (Spain).
Acquiring the degree of Associate Professor of the PWSSP and the head of the painting studio.
1981International Drawing Triennial, Wrocław.
Spotkania Krakowskie (Krakow Encounters), BWA, Krakow.
1981-1982Participation in exhibitions: Mail art – XVI Biennale in Sao Paulo (Brazil), Barcelona (Spain), Capriolo (Italy).
Gołkowska creates cycles of drawings “Bieszczady’s Scarecrows”, “Polish Scarecrows” and “Signs”.
1982Symposium “Five Towers Micro Hall Center”, Augustfehn (Germany), (realization of the “Scarecrows” installation).
1983Participation in the “Exhibition of Experimental Art”, Norrköping Art Museum, “Messaggio Terra” action, Milan (Italy).
International Mail art exhibitions: International Mail Art Wiener Secession, Workshop – Mail Art, Bergkamen, “Mediarte” – Arte del Comunicare, Genova (Italy).
1984“Language of Geometry” – exhibition, Warsaw, Sopot.
“Nationwide Meetings of Artists Working with the Language of Geometry”, Białowieża.
“Geometry towards emotions”, BWA, Białystok.
1984“International Mail Art Exhibition”, New Art Center, Osaka (Japan).
1985“Bookworks – Exhibition”, Oldenburg (Germany).
“Exhibition of Wroclaw Authors”, Desa Gallery, Wrocław.
“8 Poland Konstnärer born III Generationer”, Ars Nova, Göteborg (Sweden).
Individual exhibition Kunststation, Kleinsassen (West Germany), (Gołkowska creates series of blue and pink paintings, a sign shaped with a line).
International Open-air “Geometry and Expression”, Okuninka, organized by Galeria 72 and District Museum of Chełm.
“Polish Painting 1945-1985” in the collection of the Ziemia Lubuska Museum in Zielona Góra.
“Art of Wrocław 1945-1985” from the collection of the National Museum of Wrocław, the National Museum, Wrocław.
“Graphics and drawings of the artists society of Wrocław”, the Museum of the Archdiocese of Warsaw.
1986“Testimony of the Community”, Museum of the Warsaw Archdiocese.
“Edinburgh International Festival”, Richard Demarco Gallery, Edinburgh (Scotland, Great Britain).
International Mail Art Exhibitions: Amador 86 (Portugal), University of Minnesota (USA), College of Albany (USA).
International Open-Air “Geometry and Order”, Okuninka, exhibition “Geometry and Expression”, Gallery 72, District Museum of Chełm.
1987Exhibition of PWSSP professors and students, Mons (Belgium).
1987“Pracownia” – actions and exhibition of the painting studio of W. Golkowska, BWA, Zielona Góra.
“Polnische Gegenwarts – Malerei”, Vienna (Austria).
Exhibition “Freiraum” – Vier Generationen Konstruktivischer Strömungen in der Polnischen Kunst, Kunststation, Kleinsassen (Realization of paintings and author’s statement in the catalog: “… Point, Vertical, Horizontal, Square, Triangle, Circle – become symbols, letters of the alphabet, magical characters, abstract signs, ritual signs. Signs traduce the visual and imaginative world into ideas. They enable transforming thoughts and constructing them in philosophical structures – Art is a collection of signs.”
International Mail Art Exhibition: Norway, Germany, Portugal, Wrocław (“Kalendarium K. Schwitters”).
National Art Contest, Copper Museum in Legnica (distinction).
International Open-air “Geometry towards Nature”, Okuninka (realization of “September 18, 1987”).
Exhibition “Geometry and Order”, Gallery 72, District Museum of Chełm.
1988Individual exhibition, DESA Gallery “In Passage” Wrocław. A statement in the catalog: “… The current exhibition: is the notation of free space, the imponderabilia of the line, the surface score, the articulation of the line, the message of thoughts, those are the traces of my personality”.
“The whole world is a theater” – international art exhibition, Wałbrzych, Warsaw, Poznań, Wrocław.
Individual exhibition “Inscrizione di Aprile”, Bergamo (Italy), (series of drawings marked with dates of April days).
1988“Null – Dimension” – Kunst International – Konstruktive Strömungen, Galerie “New Space”, Fulda (West Germany).
“Geometria és Metafora”, Budapest (Hungary).
IV International Drawing Triennial, Wrocław.
Individual exhibition, “Pokaz” Gallery, Warsaw (exhibition of drawings, in the catalog transcription of the conversation between Wiesława Wierzchowska and the author).
“Struna – String”, Galeria Działań (Action Gallery), Warsaw (exhibition in tribute to Jerzy Rosołowicz).
“Geometry towards Nature” exhibition, Gallery 72, District Museum of Chełm.
1989“Null – Dimension I” (Konstruktive Strömungen – Gmunden), “Freiraum 2” – Polnische Konstruktive Kunst – Gmunden (Austria).
International Open-air “Geometry and Space”, Okuninka.
Receiving of the academic title of the “Nadzwyczajny” Professor.
1989-1991“Hommage á Henryk Stażewski” – exhibition of mail art, Wrocław, Holland, Greece.
“Null – Dimension II” – Dimension 2, Constructive radiation, Museum of Architecture, Wrocław.
1990“Zeichen der Zeit” – Museum Projekt, Galerie “New Space”, Fulda (Germany).
“In homage to Henryk Stażewski”, Studio Gallery, Warsaw, BWA Łódź, BWA Kraków, District Museum of Chełm, Museum of the Lubuskie Region in Zielona Góra.
“Zeichen und Licht”, individual exhibition, Galerie Project “New Space”, Fulda (Germany) (realization of the series “Signs – Transformations”).
“Konstruktive Strömungen”, BDR, DDR, Polen “Ars Polona”, Düsseldorf (Germany), (in the catalog: “The trace – is the original form of the sign. The sign – is a consciously chosen shape. The sum of the characters – their transformations create the author’s thought documentation. The sign – is a minimized part of the artistic message”).
1990International Open-Air “Geometry and Light”, Okuninka. Exhibition “Geometry and Space”, Gallery 72, District Museum of Chełm.
Präsentation der Sammlung J. Blum – Museum Modern Art, Hünfeld (Germany).
“Differences and Close-ups”, exhibition of W. Gołkowska and graduates of her painting studio, BWA, Wrocław. “Differenzen und Annährungen” (Junge Malerei von Absolventen der Kunstakademie), Dresden (Germany).
PWSSP in Wrocław – Exhibition of students and pedagogues, CBWA “Zachęta”, Warsaw.
“200 Jahre Kunstschulen in Breslau”, Wiesbaden (Germany).
“Geometry in Polish Contemporary Sculpture”, National Museum in Poznań.
1990/1991 “Konkrete Multiples II” Galerie L’Idee – Systematische Konkrete en Konstruktive Kunst, Zoetermeer (Holland).
1991“Redukta” International Art Exhibition, Center for Contemporary Art, Warsaw (realization of “Fuga I”, “The line becomes the subject”).
International Open-Air “Construction and Sign”, Okuninka. “Geometry and Light” exhibition, Gallery 72, District Museum of Chełm.
Receiving of the academic title of the “Zwyczajny” Professor.
“Constructive Art in Poland” – The Nickle Arts Museum, The University of Calgary (Canada).
“Konstruktiv + Konkret”, Galerie der Stadt Wels (Austria), (exhibition of the work “Fuga II”).
1991“Hommage á Henryk Stażewski”, Cultural Center of the Municipality of Athens (Greece).
1992“Continuations”, art exhibition, Wrocław.
V International Drawing Triennial, Wrocław.
“10 years later” – Exhibition of Contemporary Polish Drawing, District Museum of Radom, BWA Kraków, Łódź.
“Kunst in der Landschaft. Fahner Höhen Erfurt 1992 ” – Objekte in der Disskussion, Galerie Dacheröden, Erfurt, Galerie Sałustowicz, Bielefeld (Germany).
“Polen 1952-1992: Konstruktiv und Konkret”, Osteuropäisches Kulturzentrum, Köln (Germany).
“Concrete Art – Unlimited”, Miejska Gallery, Wrocław.
“Zeichnungen und Xerographien” – individual exhibition, Micro Hall Art Center, Edewecht (Germany).
“Form and Thought” – X Open space for artists using the geometry language, Okuninka.
“Construction and Sign” – open-air exhibition (“Okuninka 91”), Museum of the Łęczyńsko-Włodawskie Lake District, Włodawa.
1993“Polnische Konstruktivisten”, Kleine Galerie, Ilmenau (Germany).
Presentation of the art works of the Department of Painting PWSSP in Wrocław, Art Gallery in Legnica, BWA Jelenia Góra.
Exhibition “Galeria Od-Nowa 1964-1969”, National Museum in Poznań.
Exhibition: Chwałczyk, Gołkowska, Raczko, Sztabiński, Galeria Działań (Gallery of Action), Warsaw.
“Konkrete Kunst Forum”, Museum der Künstler, “Reduktion, Zeichen, Haltung” (Germany), (spatial form as a sign).
1994“Konstruktiv, Konkret, International” (Collection of the Museum Modern Art Hünfeld), Salzwedeler Museen (Germany).
1994“40th anniversary of creative work” – Wanda Gołkowska and Jan Chwałczyk, Museum of Architecture in Wrocław.
“Wanda Gołkowska and Jan Chwałczyk”, BWA, Lublin.
“Wanda Gołkowska and Jan Chwałczyk”, Aspekty Gallery, Warsaw.
1995“Hommage á Henryk Stażewski”, Chicago (USA), Athens (Greece).
1996“Konstruktiv, Konkret, International”, exhibition from the collection of the Museum Modern Art Hünfeld, Bonn (Germany).
Individual exhibition, Gallery 72, District Museum of Chełm.
“Aus der Sammlung”, Museum Modern Art Hünfeld, Bonn (Germany).
“Presentation of 8 artistic attitudes”, Fundacja Gerarda, Świeradów.
“Das Kleine Format”, Museum “Zeichen der Zeit”, Gerard Foundation, Sellin (Germany).
“Spirala”, the Gerard Foundation, Świeradów.
1997“Geometry in the Polish Sculpture”, Museum of Contemporary Sculpture, Orońsko.
“Beauty – the category that has passed?” (Okuninka 96), Gallery 72, District Museum of Chełm.
“Sources of Freedom”, Berlin, Wrocław, Lviv.
1998“Neue Dimension”, Forum Konkrete Kunst, Peterskirche, Erfurt (Germany).
“Different Dimensions”, KRAA Association, Zielona Góra.
“Konstruktive Kunst in Polen” (aus dem Museum von Chełm), Galerie Schwarzes Kloster, Freiburg (Germany).
“Fifty years” (52nd anniversary of ZPAP), BWA Awangarda Gallery, Wrocław.
“Between great narration and individuality” (Okuninka’97), Gallery 72, District Museum of Chełm.
“Different dimensions”, Zielona Góra.
The exhibition “The function of art is your imagination”, Orońsko.
1999“Geometry and the limits of art” (Okuninka’99), Gallery 72, District Museum of Chełm.
“Konstruktive Kunst in Polen” (aus dem Museum von Chełm), Insbruck.
“Polish Prints” (Collection of Tadeusz Myslowski), Polish Consulate, New York.
“North – South – Transcultural – Visions”, X. Dunikowski Museum, Warsaw.
“Den Enda Dimensionen”, Länsmuseet Västernorrland, Härnösand (Sweden).
“Conceptual Reflection in Polish Art”, Art Center Ujazdowski Castle, Warsaw.
“Das offene Buch”, Museum Modern Art, Hünfeld (Germany).
1999“Utopia and Vision”, Center of Polish Sculpture in Orońsko, Zachęta of Warsaw.
2000“Continuation and Objection I”, Galeria Działań (Action Gallery), Warsaw.
“Continuation and Objection II”, BWA, Zielona Góra.
“Continuation and Objection III”, Miejska Gallery, Wrocław.
Wanda Gołkowska, Jan Chwałczyk, BWA, Słupsk.
“Place of Geometric Trend in Art of the Twentieth and Twenty First Century”, International Open-air, Okuninka.
Individual exhibition of painting, Gallery 261, Academy of Fine Arts in Łódź.
“The Language of Geometry II”, BWA, Katowice.
2001“Split Time in the Open System”, BWA Awangarda Gallery, Wrocław.
“The role of color”, XIX International open air for artists using the language of geometry, Center of Polish Sculpture in Orońsko.
2002“Europa – Konkret – Reduktiv”, Museum Modern Art, Hünfeld (Germany).
“The Importance of Inspiration”, XX International Open-air for artists using the language of geometry, Center of Polish Sculpture in Orońsko.
2003“Europa – Konkret – Reduktiv”, Museum of Architecture, Wrocław.
“1 Jahr – 30 Positionen, 30 Raumen”, Museum Modern Art, Hünfeld.
2004XXII International Open-air for artists using the language of geometry, Center of Polish Sculpture in Orońsko.
2005“Reality of art – the art of reality” Wanda Gołkowska and Jan Chwałczyk exhibition, the Castle in Leśnica.
“Gifts”, ASP Gallery, Łódź.
“Die Schenkung – Blum”, Kunsthaus – Rehau (Germany).
“20 open spaces under the sign of geometry”, City Art Gallery, Łódź.
“Argumenta”, International Art Exhibition, Atlas Gallery, Łódź.
“Under the sign of geometry”, Center of Polish Sculpture in Orońsko.
“Artist and critic”, Open-air, Center of Polish Sculpture in Orońsko.
“Azymut rzeźby”, City Art Gallery, Łódź.
“Motiva” International Exhibition from the collections of J. Blum, Center Vienna, Vienna.
2006“Open System part II”, individual exhibition, Museum of Architecture, Wrocław.
2011Decorated with the ZPAP Gold Badge.
2013Wanda Gołkowska dies on August 7 in Wrocław.
Wanda Gołkowska’s works exhibited (presented):
2014“Ideo-metrie”, Miejska Gallery, Wrocław.
2015“Earth”, Contemporary Museum, Wroclaw.
2015-2016 “Wild fields. History of avant-garde Wrocław “, Zachęta, Warsaw, Museum Bochum (Germany), Museum of Modern Art in Zagreb (Croatia), Museum Ludwig in Budapest (Hungary).
2017“Open exhibition”, retrospective exhibition of Wanda Gołkowska art, curator: Anita Wincencjusz-Patyna, BWA Awangarda Gallery, Wrocław. Catalog: Anita Wincencjusz-Patyna, “Wanda Gołkowska“, Wrocławskie Środowisko Artystyczne, ASP Wrocław, 2015.
The conference “Art is a continuous polemic … Around theoretical reflection and artistic practice of Wanda Gołkowska”, ASP, Wrocław. Publication of texts presented in the conference: red. Anita Wincencjusz-Patyna, “Art is a continuous polemic … Around theoretical reflection and artistic practice of Wanda Gołkowska”, ASP, Wrocław.
Presentation in Muzeum Współczesne Wrocław of the biographical publication presenting Wanda Gołkowska’s life as well as her theoretical and artistic creation: Jolanta Studzińska, “A Letter Written Throughout Life – Open System – Wanda Gołkowska”, Foundation for Unidentified Art, Wrocław, 2017.









“Notations”, retrospective exhibition of Wanda Gołkowska art, ESTA Gallery, Gliwice. Catalog: “Wanda Gołkowska, Notations”, ESTA Gallery, 2018.

WGW Warsaw Gallery Weekend, Esta Gallery, Warsaw.

“Changeability in Meantime”, Exhibition of Wanda Gołkowska’s works in Piekary Gallery, Poznań.

„Different attitudes – four spaces. Masters of modern art from the Gallery 72 Collection”, Muzeum Ziemi Chełmskiej, Chełm.

“Kudlicka / Gołkowska”, Studio Gallery, Warsaw.

“Kudlicka / Gołkowska”, Muzeum Współczesne, Wrocław.

“72/21” Exhibition of Gallery 72 Art Collection (Muzeum Ziemi Chełmskiej) in Kordegarda, Gallery of the National Centre for Culture, Warsaw.